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Anna Quinn - Professional Singer

To speak of Anna Quinn is to speak of a singer who is both professional and well-versed in a wide variety of of musical styles and genres. Anna is not only a talented vocalist but a stage entertainer as well.

Anna Quinn has been involved in stage entertainment from a very young age. She has performed regularly in Reno and Las Vegas and toured in 42 states in the USA. Invited once to perform in Tokyo, she has since made her home here. Says Anna, “The Japanese audiences are generally graceful and appreciative; they really make me feel at home. It is indeed a privilege  to be able to do what I love so much, and make a living out of it. I thank God that people want to listen to my music. It really does come from the heart.”

Anna’s performances include a mix of Latin, Jazz, Soul, Pop, and a variety of hits, both modern and classic. She has performed with such noted artists as Tina Turner and Sammy Davis Jr.. Her audience is equally distinguished, included multiple performances for the king of Sweden during his trips to Tokyo.

She has also released various CDs containing original compositions as well as her new arrangements of classic hits.

Anna feels that opportunities came to her for a variety of reasons; dedication, experience, passion, luck, and the willingness of kind people to believe in and support her dreams.

“There is nothing more rewarding than being on stage,” says Anna, “and the feeling at the end of a song when you recognize that the audience has lived those moments with you, tears, laughter, or just wonderful memorable moments.”

When all is said and done, while Anna might be a small town girl, she is anything but a small time girl.